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The interdisciplinary study of mentalization theory in pedagogy is a fruitful development and can already show meaningful results (see publications Publikationen.

Before the network was founded, the researchers in the network were working on different but relevant topics for the creation of Mentalization based pedagogy in relative isolation at their universities. This led to a lack of exchange and cooperation and hindered continuity in research and development. The MentEd network was therefore founded on 15 April 2015 at the PH in Ludwigsburg from a variety of non-institutionalised contacts, overlaps in content and interests. MentEd stands for Mentalization and Education and serves as an international abbreviation for the long title Mentalization based pedagogy.

In order to bundle the expertise of the various researchers, regular network meetings were initiated as a platform for discourse and understanding. The interdisciplinary exchange from education, social work, psychology, psychoanalysis and medicine is on the one hand a quality feature because it broadens perspectives. On the other hand, it is justified in terms of content, because the interrelationships of meaning of complex physiological, psychological, social and above all pedagogical contexts in the fields of education and upbringing are thought about and researched. The internationality of the network (Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland) enriches this cooperation beyond the borders of the nation states immensely.


The German Research Foundation (DFG) funded the MentEd network from 2017-2020 as part of the programme: Application for in-kind support under the Scientific Networks Programme GZ: GI 1274/1-1.

We would like to thank them for their generous and goal-oriented support.


As a continuation and extension of the work of the MentEd network, a training curriculum was designed, implemented and evaluated with the support of the European Union (Erasmus+ strategic partnerships funding line 2019-2022, 2019-1-DE01-KA203-004967).

Project partners:

Evangelische Hochschule Darmstadt- University of applied sciences (Prof. D. Holger Kirsch, coordination)

Pädagogische Hochschule Ludwigsburg (Prof. Dr. Stephan Gingelmaier)

University College London/ Anna Freud Center (Tobias Nolte MD, Prof. Dr. Peter Fonagy)

Universität Klagenfurt (Prof. Dr. Agnes Turner)

University Tilburg/De Viersprong (Prof. Dr. Joost Hutsebaut)

with the cooperation of: Dr. Tillmann Kreuzer (PH-Ludwigsburg), Prof. Dr. Hans-Nicola Schwarzer (PH-Heidelberg), Prof. Dr. Noëlle Behringer (Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg in Villingen-Schwenningen), Melanie Henter (Uiversität Koblenz-Landau), Prof. Dr. Johannes Huber (TH-Rosenheim).

Content, teaching materials and educational films will be translated into different languages (e.g. English, Dutch) and thus made accessible in several European countries.

We would like to thank the national and European project partners as well as the DAAD and the Erasmus programme for their cooperation and support


Movetia - "Bringing mentalization based education to Switzerland"( aims to adapt Mentalization based pedagogy in Swiss special education. This is done at the university level through curricular anchoring via the HfH- Zürich with support from the internationally established MentEd network. After successful funding phases by the DFG and Erasmus+, the work of the network reaches a new scope through MOVETIA and contributes to the quality and innovation of the Swiss education system. The project is funded by the Swiss Foundation for the Promotion of Exchange and Mobility MOVETIA as part of its International Programme (project no.: 2022-1-CH01- IP-0046; duration: October 2022 -October 2024).

Project partners: Pierre-Carl Link (HfH Zurich, coordinator) , Nicola-Hans Schwarzer (PH-Ludwigsburg) , Holger Kirsch (EH-Darmstadt) , Tobias Nolte (University College London) , Noëlle Behringer (HfH Zurich) , Tillmann Kreuzer (PH-Ludwigsburg) , Agnes Turner (University of Klagenfurt) , Michael Wininger ( Bertha von Suttner Private University St. Pölten) , Melanie Henter (University of Koblenz-Landau) , Peter Fonagy (University College London) , Joost Hutsebaut (De Viersprong Institute & Tilburg University NL) , Stephan Gingelmaier (PH-Ludwigsburg)


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